We Are QPS

Service is the heart of our company. Our golden rule is to treat others the way we want to be treated.

About The Company

QPS Recruitment was founded based on our aspirational entrepreneurial roots. We are an independent executive search, selection, headhunting and recruitment firm based in Bangkok, Thailand. The magic is, we work with passion, all our senses to building a partnership with our clients and achieve success. All our members of staff are highly trained to give excellent service to all our customers. We pride ourselves as being one of the most successful executive search and recruitment companies in Thailand and believe in combining our extensive search and headhunting expertise to deliver unparalleled executive recruitment solutions to our clients.

Our goal is to become our clients’ trusted advisor for all of their recruitment needs. Our values include diligence, loyalty, harmony, integrity, respect for others and always following through with what we set out to do. We build ongoing relationships with our clients and candidates. These relationships are based on complete honesty, a genuine commitment to quality and a constant desire for continuous improvement. QPS is proud of its commitment to create and maintain an exceptional business where service is the number one priority.



QPS is a recruitment and headhunting firm that serves a wide variety of sectors with an emphasis on the local Thailand and South East Asian markets. With our strong portfolio of international clients, QPS Recruitment prides itself on providing a service that extends beyond filling up openings.



QPS Recruitment & Headhunters comprises of experts in our fields. The process begins with identifying the needs of our clients with an initial meeting. This meeting will serve as a guideline for our team to identify the best possible candidates that are within the interests of our clients. We employ proven and effective search practices that revolve around talent mapping and research.



QPS Recruitment has teams specializing in a wide spectrum of industries including Healthcare and Life Science, Retail and Sourcing, Consumer, Industrial & Chemical, Food Science, Automotive, Real Estate and Construction, Technology and Communications, along with functional practices in HR, Finance & Accounting, and Legal & Compliance.