Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
about QPS Recruitment’s services

Client FAQs

Why should I use a recruitment firm?

A recruitment firm, such as QPS Recruitment & Headhunters, will assist you in identifying candidates who are qualified and able to provide your company with true value. Over the long term, we can also assist you during periods of expansions and ventures into larger projects. The success of any company boils down to the quality of its people, and a recruitment agency such as QPS will have all of that taken care of.

What areas does QPS specialise in?

QPS Recruitment is able to recruit across a wide variety of sectors within Thailand and South East Asia. Our adaptability, experience, and high success rates allows us to provide your company with general recruitment, executive search, and outsourcing related services.

How does QPS enforce quality control?

Each of our candidates are required to undergo a mandatory minimum of 2 interviews before being formally shortlisted for a specific position. During these interviews, our consultants will perform an in-depth analysis on each candidate’s personality, experience, and overall capability. QPS prides itself in delivering and recommending only qualified and capable staff to our clients.

How much information do I need to provide when briefing you?

Our success is heavily reliant on our client’s detailed brief. The more information that we have at our disposal, the higher our success rate is going to be. QPS Recruitment acts as a genuine business partner to each and every one of our clients, and we do our best to ensure that we only recruit the most suitable candidates for the position.

What happens if a candidate fails to perform?

During the rare occurrence where a candidate fails to meet expectations, QPS will provide a guarantee period to have our clients covered and have these candidates replaced. This alleviates the risk of engaging a recruitment firm from our clients, and ensures that our success is solely based on our ability to find excellent candidates.

What areas does QPS serve?

QPS Recruitment & Headhunters mainly focuses on Thailand and the South East Asian region. Our professional services have been engaged by various industries including:

  • Healthcare and Life Science
  • Retail and Sourcing
  • Consumer
  • Industrial & Chemical
  • Food Science
  • Automotive
  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Technology and Communication
  • Human Resource
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Legal & Compliance
What are the costs involved?

QPS Recruitment focuses on providing and creating sustainable value for your company; the costs are secondary. Our main priority is the quality of our services and not their costs. Please contact us directly and we’ll discuss your corporation’s needs.

Candidate FAQs

How do I prepare myself for the interview?

Interviews require much research and planning. Generally, you should do the following when preparing for interview:

  • Anticipate potential questions and prepare answers accordingly.
  • Consider how you’ll explain problematic aspects of your CV, such as leaving a past employer.
  • Contact your references, alerting them that you’ll be interviewing and that they may receive a call.
  • Fully understand the role that you’re applying for by revisiting the job description, identifying what skills, interests and experiences the employer is looking for.
  • Prepare questions to ask the interviewer.
  • Read the organization’s website, social media profiles and key literature (e.g. business plan, financial reports and corporate social
  • responsibility strategy), ensuring that you’re prepared to share your views and ideas.
  • Research the news, trends, competitors, history and opportunities of the organization and its job sector.
  • Review your CV and application form.

You should also choose your outfit the night before, get plenty of sleep and avoid excessive alcohol consumption. It’s important to plan your journey, aiming to arrive ten minutes early. Completing a ‘dry run’, if possible, also combats nerves. On the day, eat a healthy breakfast and avoid too much caffeine.

What are the three main qualifications that the recruiter’s client (the employer) is looking for?

The client/employer will most likely have only a few (three to four) key requirements that serve as benchmarks. Get those on the table first to see if you’re even in the ball park. You probably won’t need to fulfil all the requirements, but having the fundamentals will give you an edge over other candidates. Managers are not generally willing to overlook the basic requirements and tend to believe that they will find someone who has them.

What’s the job description?

Hearing what the client/employer expects you to do is important. While the job may entail more money or a better title, you have to show up and do that job every day. It’s important to evaluate yourself before applying for a specific position:

  • Is this something you really want to do?
  • Will it stretch your skill set?
  • Will this position open up opportunities for your career’s advancement?

This might be a company with rapid promotions, and a lateral job is just what you need to get you leverage to climb the ladder

What information do you have about the company?

You can check out the financials on the Internet, but is there any insider info you should know that may not be as public? For example, I am working with a company right now that is bringing its SEC work in-house and is planning on going public within two years. This info is very valuable to someone looking at an open position. This is also where you can learn about company culture.

How long has the job been open?

The answer is not too long and not too short. If you are the first candidate interviewed and you are really great, the employer may conclude the search will be easy and want to see more for comparison. That’s not to say everyone else won’t pale by comparison, but it is a waiting game for you.

How many interviews will I have to go through?

Each position has different requirements and responsibilities involved. Some might require more stringent scrutiny on our part, but we’ll always perform our due diligence to inform you if a subsequent interview is required.

Am I required to pay QPS?

QPS Recruitment & Headhunters will not impose any charges on candidates.

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